London International Disputes Week (LIDW)

LIDW is taking place in London on 7-10 May 2019

Lex Anglo-Brasil is an official supporter.

London International Disputes Week brings together legal practitioners from around the world to celebrate the heritage of London as a disputes centre and to consider the future of global dispute resolution. London holds a unique appeal as a centre for handling disputes, whether through the courts or by arbitration, mediation, expert determination or negotiation, built upon a rich heritage in English law dating back to the Magna Carta. The event will draw on the experience of clients and colleagues from around the world and facilitate discussions on the future of dispute resolution in London, where and how disputes will arise, how London should adapt to the changing landscape and the future of dispute resolution globally.

The official website for the event, which contains all the necessary details and ability to register for LIDW, is here:

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