Prosecution for Prevention Seminar

United Purpose, a UK charity working closely with projects in Brazil is running an excellent seminar at:

King's College London on Monday 27 March 5.30-8.30pm.

Keynote speaker Eduardo Varandas, Federal Prosecutor of the Brazilian Labour Prosecution Office, will explain how he used class actions to prosecute those guilty of sexually exploiting minors. He was also successful in using the compensation payments ordered to prevent future abuse by directing them towards community projects and education. This groundbreaking case, which involved politicians, governors and other ‘pillars of the community’, is fascinating from both a legal and social standpoint. Eduardo is now exploring how to use these ideas to protect other vulnerable children across international jurisdictions.

This event, supported by Lex Anglo-Brasil and the KCL Brazil Institute is not to be missed! Register for free at:

#Brazil #ClassActions #HumanRights

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